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The mission of our Audiology Clinic is to make a Positive Difference in the lives of those with Hearing impairment. Our goal is to Deliver Client - Centered Hearing Healthcare and Comprehensive Solutions for better Hearing and balance to assist our clients in achieving their Highest Potential as they strive for Confidence and Effectiveness in their Communications with others.

We are Serving our clients' needs with Compassion and Understanding.

It covers complete assessment of Audiological / Hearing / Ear Functioning from Peripheral to Cortical Auditory issues. Various Electrophysiological Procedures are carried out viz. Audiometry BERA, ASSR, along with special tests like Speech Audiometry, TDT, SISI, Central Processing Disorder Assessments, ImmitanceAudiometry. We offer special services in the area of Tinnitus management involving Tinnitus Assessment and Tinnitus retraining therapy along with other Facilitative Techniques.

Audiological and Vertigo Investigations for Children & Adults are available which Includes :

  • Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)
  • Tympanometry / ImmitanceAudiometry / ETF
  • Behavioural Observation Audiometry (BOA)
  • Speech Audiometry
  • BERA
  • Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR)
  • OAE Screening (Otoacoustic Emissions)
  • Speech Therapy
  • Voice Therapy
  • VNG (Videonystagmography) with VHIT (Video Head Impulse Test) for Evaluation of Vertigo
  • Particle Repositioning Maneuvers for Positional Vertigo Under Guidance of State - of - Art Otoacoustic Impulse Video Frenzel Glasses
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)
  • Cochlear Implant & Middle Ear Implant

Hearing Aid Trail and Fitting (HAT) :

  • Starkey Hearing Aids
  • Widex Hearing Aids
  • GN Resound Hearing Aids
  • Beltone Hearing Aids
  • Siemens Hearing Aids
  • Phonak Hearing Aids
  • ALPS Hearing Aids
  • Oticon Hearing Aids

Our Hearing Aid Products :

  • Digital Hearing Aids
  • Wireless Hearing Aids
  • IPhonecompatiable Hearing Aids
  • Behind the Ear (BTE)
  • Receiver in the EAR (RIE)
  • Invisible the Canal (IIC)
  • In the Canal (ITC)
  • Completely In Canal (CIC)

Audiology Products

Behind the Ear
Behind the Ear
Receiver In the EAR
Receiver In the EAR
In the Canal
In the Canal
Invisible the Canal
Invisible the Canal
Completely In Canal
Completely In Canal
Completely In Canal
Completely In Canal