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What our patients say

  Hello Dr. I am feeling much better after surgery (Glomus Tympanicum) tumour removal which was a supramajor surgery. Thanks a lot for conducting one of the toughest surgeries successfully on me. I am recovering well and I would recommend people from all over the world your services and dedication. You are simply the best.

- Amit Vaishnav
  Dear Doctor, I have been suffering from chronic nasal obstruction diagnosed as hay fever by my UK physicians. "My nasal passage each morning was air tight. Only after a couple of hours would my speech be normal and not until in the afternoon would I be able to breathe easily. It was a poor quality of life." "My initial impression about you was that you are very thorough and your explanation and diagnosis were very convincing," None of the physicians I consulted in London ever suggested a CT scan. I underwent microdebrider assisted FESS and "The result is really fantastic," "I can intake as much air as I wish through my nose. The velocity is really good." I would definitely recommend you to anyone.

- Mr. Anil Amin
  Dear Dr Bhavin, Thank you for conducting the procedure coblation assisted adenotonsillectomy on my five year old son. My son remembers you daily in his prayers. I guess every mother wants her child to be treated in the best of best hands and hospital. Though our stay in hospital was very short but it was a memorable one with highest quality of care and standard. My son had been suffering from recurrent tonsillitis since past two and half years and each time taking a course of antibiotics at least four to five times in a year. Besides that he had difficulty in breathing at sleep and his snoring always was a real concern for us. We decided to undertake the procedure in India and decided to consult Dr Bhavin Parikh who came with high recommendation. There is no snoring or throat pain now - a - days. Thank you once again.

- Mrs. Subhlaxmi Iyer
  Dear Dr. Bhavin Parikh, I always had ear block and ear pain problems in my right ear. I had visited numerous ENT doctors for my ear block in past 3 years before coming to you. But during my visit you made me recognize I had something more than an ear block. I thought it is just the wax and once it is removed everything will be fine. You correctly diagnosed it to be cholesteatoma. The surgery you performed on me did its magic. The Doctor identified this at the right time and my hearing ability was saved. I would like to share my sincere thanks & regards for a hugely satisfactory experience during my ear surgery at your place. I not only had utmost relief after the treatment (which I was deprived of ages) but was also delighted because of personal touch yourself and your team has kept. I felt like home / amongst friends during my postoperative stay. There was a complete difference in the overall approach of handling patient & I must say it was very very positive.

- Mr. Lalitsingh Chudasama
  International patient from Dubai writes, Dear Dr.Parikh I cannot begin to say thank you enough with just words but I will try. I believe there is truly something special and unique about the care and concern you have for the patients and their families whom you treat. I also want to commend you on your professional, considerate, caring and plain manner when dealing with my wife and me. You fully explained my wife's condition and listened to our comments and questions with genuine interest. It is clear to me that you knows her specialty and understands the importance of care and treatment of the family. The level of care was so incredibly evident it brought me as a family member reassurance that my wife was truly at the right place and in the right hands. The respect and attention you gave to not only my wife as the patient but to me as her husband, was superior and made a very difficult situation for us all - hopeful and tolerable."

- Mr. Asif Syed
  Dear Dr. Bhavin, I was very much impressed because you did not suggest any unnecessary antibiotics. Also you had the patience to go through the paper I have given which had my medical history. I have seen before that many doctors don't really consider the patient's input. Overall idea I got is that tonsillectomy is not recommended for me (you mentioned this) I recommended you to a few colleagues in the very next week of visit. We need more doctors like you. Wish you all the best and success!

- Nishit Shah
  I met Dr. Bhavin Parikh in his clinic for my headache. I was treated outside as Sinusitis but Dr. Parikh said it was migraine and that I was being mistreated all these years. I took it with a pinch of salt as I had met many specialists who concurred I had sinusitis. But within 10 days of his treatment I found that my headache was getting better and following his advice changed my lifestyle habits and am free for the last 1 year. He is one of those rare doctors who really take the time to explain everything to you in lucid language. My experience has been comforting and satisfying. Thanks a lot Doctor.

- Mrs. Niti Agrawal
  I am feeling much better after the surgery (microdebrider assisted FESS) which I underwent around one month ago. I was suffering from my childhood with this problem and after using so many Nasal Spray for long days, I was feeling irritation and burnings inside the nose. Now it is much better, I am not facing any irritation or burnings and breathing is also clear. Thanks for your advice and help. Dr. Bhavin is a real expert and taking medico - surgical treatment from him has been very satisfying. He is one of the best surgeons in the city today. All throughout the treatment this good doctor has made me feel at home even though it seemed like a big thing to undergo. The discomfort at the post operative stage of microdebrider assisted FESS is bearable and there is no reason to be nervous.

- Mr. Jitendra Sisodiya
  After Coblation assisted adenoid operation of my daughter, she is fine. This new technique is really without much discomfort and pain. My daughter was playful on the very first day after surgery. Her snoring and disturbed sleep was gone very soon. Thank you and I will recommend my friends and relatives to consult for the best treatment ever seen. Thank you once again.

- Mrs. Margeyi Mehta
  My long-term incremental hearing loss first brought me to Bharti ENT Care Hospital. It was very difficult to discern conversation when there was background noise. My wife was tired of my asking, "What did you say?" I refer to my hearing instruments as "my best friends", and it's true. I would recommend to anyone who feels they may have a problem with their hearing to get your hearing tested. Test drive the instruments that the audiologist at Bharti ENT Hospital recommend. These small devices will change your life for the better.

- Vinodbhai Shroff
  These are my first hearing instruments. I went to Bharti ENT Care Hospital because I couldn't hear high pitches, birds chirping, etc. and I suffered from the loss of hearing volume. When we decided to get hearing instruments, we went to Bharti ENT Care Hospital. I am very satisfied with the audiologist. He is very prompt with the appointments and works me in early when possible. The hearing instruments work very well when I wear them and the follow-up has been very satisfactory. He has cleaned and adjusted the volume as needed. I am very pleased with the performance and service.

- Mr. Kiranbhai Patel
  62-year-old Janakbhai a government retiree ignored his hearing loss for nearly five years. But then he realized how important and precious his hearing was to his everyday life, and did something about it. Government of Gujarat is offering hearing aids upto 50,000 rupees to their present and retired employees.

- Janakbhai
  I took my hearing loss into my hands, trying a pair of off-the-shelf hearing aids. After realizing these were not the answer, I found that technology is too advanced. The technology of the new hearing aids connected me to the world around me. An emotional discovery lead to positive changesfor me.

- Jayshreeben Shah
  I am an active 11-year-old boy with hearing loss in both ears. After six years, three sets of hearing aids, an academic decline and frustration with too many limitations, I was introduced to the waterproof hearing aids. Now, Iam excelling at home, at school and in sports. Special thanks to the Audiologist Mr. Santhosh

- Jimmy
  My visit to the Institute was a pleasant experience and wanted to thank the staff for being professional, considerate and taking the time to do a full evaluation. More importantly my time with Dr. Bhavin Parikh was very positive. “My husband and I are so grateful to you for your caring and expertise. The ‘repositioning maneuver’ has changed my life.” “Thank you for the miracle you performed on me. I had been from doctor to doctor for a couple of years, trying to find relief from the terrible dizziness I had. Not until I met you did I feel a ray of hope. When you diagnosed my illness as BPPV, I was ecstatic to think that there may be some help for me. Within a couple of weeks all the anxiety and misery was gone. No more dizziness. Thanks a lot doctor…

- Mrs.Shalini Sharma
  Never in all my years of wearing hearing aids (50 years) have I ever experienced sound like this. I feel like I am not wearing hearing aids, now I have a natural replacement for my deficient ears.

The biggest joy has been not needing to face people in order to hear or ask them to repeat their communications. My wife was astounded that we went through the whole day, and not once did I ask her “Huh?” or “Will you please say that again?” or “I didn’t hear you”. Now both of us are speaking to each other in softer voices and we feel more in tune with one another.

And it’s only been 24 hours…

- Mr. Jaykumar Mehta
  I wanted to take a moment and thank you again for your care and treatment of ridding me of three months of vertigo. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. From the first phone call to my last encounter with each and every person at hospital, I was treated with such kindness and professionalism. I was beginning to loose hope before I came to your facility. Again, thank you so very much.

- Mrs. Binnu Thomas

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