Dr. Miraj Shah

  • 4 Years

Personal Info

After graduation, Dr Miraj Shah worked independently as Chief Consultant Audiologist at Parul Sevashram Hospital, Vadodara. There he got to do diagnostics like audiometry, impedance audiometry, OAE, and BERA.

After his post-graduation, Dr Shah started working as a full-time audiologist at Bharti ENT Hospital, Vadodara. 

Specially :

Interpreting hearing test results; Selecting and fitting hearing aid

Degrees :

MSc Audiology from Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune.

Experience :

4 years

Professional Skills

The advent of precision medicine is moving us closer to more precise and powerful health care that is for individual patient.
95 %

Success full

90 %


85 %


Award and Honours

Health professionals a wide range of instruments to diagnose and treat a disease or other condition, to prevent a worsening of symptoms

2018 - 2019 :

William Allan Award

Getting medical help right away for someone who is having a medical emergency

2020 - 2022 :

Bisset Hawkins Medal

Infection control information and resources for acute care, dialysis, long-term care, etc...

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